Seattle’s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

The Regina Melonson Learning Resource Center

The LRC is a critical component of Prep’s academic program. Our mission is to help equalize the academic playing field for students who need support due to temporary or longstanding conditions that impact their ability to learn. Our reward is their success."

—Regina Melonson

each person is sacred

And everyone who enters the newly named Regina Melonson Learning Resource Center knows this to be true. Tucked away in McDonnell Hall, this light-filled room radiates love.

As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Seattle Prep is committed to creating a supportive, inclusive academic environment for all students. The LRC serves students:

        • with diagnosed learning differences
        • on concussion protocol
        • dealing with temporary and long-term mental health challenges
        • returning from long-term absences due to personal or family circumstances

Services are delivered by a highly-qualified and compassionate team with support from peer note-takers and Honor Society tutors who want their classmates to succeed. Founded in 1994-95 by director Regina Melonson, the LRC served 12 intrepid students in its inaugural year and has grown to serve 187 students last year, almost 25% of the student body. Learn more here.

We are proud to name this space in honor of Regina’s vocation and its supporting endowment in recognition of service to Seattle Prep, now known as the Regina & Wayne Melonson Learning Resource Center Endowment.

The surprise announcement was made at the 2018 SPREE Auction. Kate Kingen ‘05, a Prep and LRC graduate also shared her story at the event. Donations provide financial support for crucial facility enhancements, diagnostic tests and tutoring support.

Learning for Everyone


"The LRC staff are like family;
not just teachers.
They are doing this work with you,
not for you."

—Prep Alum Class of 2014