Seattle’s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

The Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund

Join Kathy in supporting Prep students. "This most important gift we can give to Seattle Prep is to do our part. The Student Support Fund is an incredible investment. It’s the best use of my money and your gift will help all kids have this opportunity."

A Commitment to Cura Personalis

Many students dream of a Jesuit education, but need financial help to make it a reality. Tuition assistance helps those dreams come true. Yet it doesn’t cover many of the essential tools students need to be successful.

Lunch money, the bus ride to Prep, a Surface, books and ebooks. The Student Support Fund helps fill the gap for the 26% of Prep students on financial aid with all the “extras” that aren’t really extra. These resources are a crucial part of a successful college preparatory education for all our students.

As Director of College Counseling, Kathy managed the Student Support Fund, ensuring that all students had what they needed for success. Today, she works with Seattle Nativity School graduates at Prep and keeps an eye on young people as the Director of Alumni Relations.

This commitment to students is why we are proud to announce the newly renamed Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund.

The surprise announcement was made at the 2017 SPREE Auction.

Kathy’s vocation to help kids and the funds that put this mission into action makes Prep who we are. “Without it,” says Andy Hendricks ’83, “we wouldn’t be a Jesuit school. As a Jesuit school, we believe that we’re here to change the world, to make it a better place. All of us look at our children as treasures. We have a duty to help each other out. I think it does take a village to give a good education.”

The median Student Support Fund award is $2,763 per student. Next year these awards for books, Surfaces, lunches and bus fare will top more than $154,000.

Every gift to the Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund helps provide tools for each student to make the most out of their Catholic Jesuit education, an education that empowers them to achieve their dreams and change the world.