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Gifts of Stock

Seattle Prep's Stock Transfer Instructions

Many individuals choose to give stock or securities in order to avoid capital gains tax and support Prep. If you would like to gift electronically-held securities:

Contact your broker in writing with instructions to transfer (not sell) the specified stocks to Seattle Prep’s stock gift account, and include:

• your account number and signature(s) (both owners of a joint account must sign)

• date you wish to complete the charitable gift

• company name and number of shares

• Fund designation for gift (Full Cost, Annual, Capital, Scholarship)

Transfer instructions:

Washington Asset Management

DTC #0235 (RBC/NBC Securities, Inc.)

Seattle Preparatory School

Acct. #871-25544

Broker: Brian DiJulio

Phone: 425.646.6630

Fax: 425.450.4065


Please Note:

Before making a transfer to Seattle Preparatory School, please email Brian DiJulio at Washington Asset Management, Inc. and Becky Burns, Director of Stewardship to let them know the amount of stock being transferred. This is very important to assure that you are properly credited with the full amount of your stock donation in a timely manner.

If you are gifting securities in certificate form, mutual funds, Government Securities, T/Bills, Notes or Bonds, please contact Becky Burns to arrange delivery.