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Class of 2019 Endowment

Collegio. Newspaper. Track & Field. Theater. Kairos. Cross Country. Yearbook. Basketball.

There is no doubt, the Class of 2019 leaves a vast legacy.

As seniors prepare to cross the graduation stage, they take with them experiences and relationships to last a lifetime. These last four years have shaped our young men and women, preparing them to set on the world on fire.

On Tuesday, April 16, seniors will establish the Class of 2019 Endowment on the Senior Legacy Day, one of many graduation celebrations. This tradition encourages seniors to reflect on the gifts they received at Prep and invites them to “pay it forward by giving back.”

Over 28% of Prep students receive tuition assistance each year: that’s equivalent to the entire senior class! Join seniors in helping future generations of Prep students. Earnings will be immediately invested to provide tuition assistance next year. Once the fund has $50,000 in contributions, it will generate enough earnings for one student at Prep.

Make a gift in honor of your senior, coach or teacher!

All donations – of all sizes – are important. Gifts are tax-deductible and can be made via check, credit card, a DAF distribution or stock/securities transfer.

Contact Katrina Freeburg at 206-577-2237 for details.