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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fund

Cura Prep means feeling at peace with who you truly are, so that you can live out the life that speaks to you. In finding inner peace, we can go about the world, igniting it with love, respect, justice, and care for all. Cura Prep also means, that in order to care for others and ourselves, we must care for all life that coexists with us. "

—Panther ’18


Seattle Prep embraces diversity as a core characteristic of its Catholic, Jesuit identity. Prep recognizes the sanctity of each individual as one created in God’s image and values the many and varied ways God’s Spirit animates a vibrant, pluralistic Ignatian school culture.
– Prep’s Diversity Mission Statement

Inspired by their experience and a desire to give every Prep student a voice, the Class of 2010 helped launch this fund to support students-sponsored programs. Donations help promote a vibrant, pluralistic Ignatian school culture through guest speakers, materials, conferences, leadership formation and other learning opportunities.

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