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Alumni & Friends Endowments

For many individuals and families, their time at Prep spans decades, sometimes even generations. This community holds a special place in hearts around the world. Endowments are a way to honor this experience and the people who helped shape it. Funds may benefit tuition assistance, specific programs or departments, or be unrestricted.

For information on giving to these endowments or to establish your own, please email the Alumni Office or call 206-577-2237. Gifts can also be made through the donation form below.

Abrams Family Tuition Support Fund

Joseph Preston Alex, Jr. ’65 Memorial Endowment

Parvez Anandam and Sudeshna Sen Endowment

Ariel Endowment

Bepler Brothers Endowment

Bird-Vogel Family Scholarship Fund

Blume Family Scholarship Endowment

Brandmeier/Daubenspeck Endowed Scholarship

Brant Family Endowment

Maddy & Alec Brindle ’56 Endowment 

Joan & Winn Brindle ’52 Memorial Endowment

Joe Cali ’89 Memorial Endowment

Margaret Ann Campeau Memorial Endowment

Harry Carey Memorial Endowment

Celio Family Endowment

Chapin Memorial Endowment

Craig Alan Corkery ’65 Memorial Endowment 

Costello Family Endowment

Jill Curran ’00 Memorial Endowment 

Amy Davis ’94 Memorial Endowment 

Michael Dennehy ’52 Memorial Endowment 

James P. DiJulio, Jr. ’47 Endowment

Norma & Guy DiJulio Memorial Endowment

Alex Edelstein ’94 Memorial Endowment

Diana B. Ferrant Endowment

Corrinne & Michael Fiedler Endowment

Fisher Endowment

Fr. Paul Fitterer, SJ Endowment

Theresa & Henry Gai Memorial Endowment

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Endowment

Fr. James A Gilmore, SJ Memorial Endowment

Vlasta & Joseph Giustino Memorial Endowment

Anne Jane Gleason Memorial Endowment

John M. Goodwin Endowment

Gustafson Endowment

Joel Edward Haggard '57 Memorial Endowment 

Todd Hansen ’65 Memorial Endowment

William Randolf Hearst Foundation Endowment

Virginia Satterberg Helsell Memorial Endowment

William A. Helsell Endowment

Hornick Family Endowment

Christopher John Hurley Memorial Endowment

Ignatian Educator Endowment

Jesuit Endowment

Cynthia Karlburg Jordan Endowment for Yearbook Support

Amanda Knox ’05 Scholarship Endowment 

Lakeside Industries Endowment

Lamb Technology Endowment

Howard A. Lang ’43 Family Endowment 

Donald D MacLean ’41 Memorial Endowment

Charlotte Y. Martin Foundation Endowment

Mathieu/Rafanelli Music Endowment

McCaffray Family Endowment

Fr. Christopher J McDonnell, SJ Memorial Endowment

Ella & Thomas McHugh Memorial Endowment

George Mead Endowment

Regina & Wayne Melonson
Learning Resource Center Endowment

Miller-Leigh Family Endowment

Morrison Family Endowment

Gerald P. Murphy ’52 & Frances J. Murphy ’48 Endowment

Rosemary & Lou Oberndorf ’63 Endowment

Sheron & Roger O’Connell ’60 Scholarship Fund

Noriko Stacey Ohno Memorial Endowment

Tony and Laura Perry Endowment

Peyton Endowment

Mike and Jamie Quinlan Endowment

Read Family Endowment

John & Della Rehnstrom Endowment

Mae E. Riener Memorial Endowment

Rollie Robbins Memorial Endowment

Rudolf Family Endowment

Bonnie Scott Endowment for Needy Students

Sauvage Family Endowment

Joanne & Michael Scallon ’62 Endowment

Seattle Prep Alumni Endowment

Lauren A. Slavin '21 Endowment for the Performing Arts

James P. St. Germain Class of 1965 Endowment

Mr. Dave Thomas, SJ Endowment

Titcomb Family Endowment

John “Brady” Twohy Endowment

Norah Muldoon Ward Memorial Endowment

John Brooks Williams Scholar Endowment

Joseph C. Wittman ’34 Memorial Endowment 

Barbara & John Woodman Family Endowment

Joseph Worm '95 Memorial Endowment 

Philip & Fredde Yockey Perry Endowment

Mark Zamberlin ’75 Memorial Endowment

Support an Endowment

Select the designation in the drop-down menu below, or select "other" and enter the fund or family name. 

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