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Summer Prep


Summer Prep Week 1 will run June 17th - 21st. Summer Prep Week 2 will run June 24th - June 28th.

What do parents say?..

"The Musical Theatre Camp covered acting, singing and dancing. The quality of coaching my child received from the adults and student volunteers was more than I ever expected for a one week course. So much was packed in and the end of camp performance was fantastic."

"I almost don't want to give you the great feedback you deserve because I want there to be room for my daughter next year."

"I thought the (basketball) camp had a great coach-to-kid ratio and there was enough going on to keep them engaged the whole time. Was pleased to see Coach Kelly so involved - that is not always the case at other basketball camps and you can tell that his leadership really sets the tone."

"She came home and wanted to do chemistry! She had a blast."

"It was all terrific. My daughter loved her instructor. She has always loved art but had no prior exposure to photography. She is now very excited by photography too. The lunch was fantastic as well - she loved getting her lunch there."