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Video Club

Seattle Prep’s Video Club is designed for students who what to share their passions in the art of digital film production. We will spend the year making a variety of short films including video to share with our community on special school events and assemblies.

Seattle Prep offers a classes in digital filmmaking and the video club is an extension of the classroom which allows students to create their own short films and make videos to share that celebrate the Seattle Prep community.

We have produced videos for the Seattle Prep community including films for our admissions department, student life and information videos for the school website. Students in video club have also been featured in local student film festivals.

Adam Othman, aside from being the Video Club Moderator and Filmmaking Teacher, is also the director of Seattle Prep's Theatre Program. He starting the filmmaking program when he was hired in 2010 and now teaches 4 semester classes in the art of digital filmmaking as well as moderator of the video club. A Seattle native, Adam brings over 25 years of teaching experience in the performing and digital arts.

Student Produced Films

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