Seattleā€™s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891


Program Philosophy

The Seattle Prep Robotics program focuses on teaching students the fundamental skills in teamwork, engineering, system design, programming and project management. By participating in the largest international robotics program - VEX Robotics - our students compete with the best young minds, by building efficient and sophisticated robots which can outperform their peers in fast paced competitions.

Robotics is an intensive year long program, where students are exposed to many of today's industry standard tools and skills including AutoCAD Inventor and RobotC, a sophisticated real-time system control programming language. Students participating in Robotics in high school are often eligible for significant scholarships at prestigious Colleges and Universities.

Meet the Coaches

Mr. Cross has a passion for anything tech related that started in his early teens when he bought his first electronics kit from a Heathkit catalog.  He started volunteering at Seattle Prep (when his eldest son attended) and went on to get certificated in VEX Robotics through a program at Carnegie Mellon University.  He works as a Sr Cloud Architect designing infrastructure and building teams of engineers to solve interesting real world problems from Bioinformatics to Telecommunications.  He has worked professionally with industry leaders implementing AI, ML, spatial measurement, IOT technology,  and Drone programs.  He brings a passion and enthusiasm for Engineering, Making and Tinkering.  He tries to relate the students passions in and around robotics to actual industry skills.  Helping them to see that there is a place for them to share their passion with the world now and in their future.

Mr. Zipperer has worked at several companies (from pre-revenue to Fortune 500) and has  recruited, developed, and grown teams in different disciplines (product management, business development, software engineering, network engineering).  These teams developed products and services, such as medical devices, medical software, networking devices, network security, consumer electronics, scientific applications, content delivery, and cloud.  He is a recognized mentor because he invests in individual’s personal and professional development by igniting their curiosity, capability, and creativity.  Mr. Zipperer enjoys coaching robotics where he can do the same.