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Program Philosophy

The Seattle Prep Robotics program focuses on teaching students the fundamental skills in teamwork, engineering, system design, programming and project management. By participating in the largest international robotics program - VEX Robotics - our students compete with the best young minds, by building efficient and sophisticated robots which can outperform their peers in fast paced competitions.

Robotics is an intensive year long program, where students are exposed to many of today's industry standard tools and skills including AutoCAD Inventor and RobotC, a sophisticated real-time system control programming language. Students participating in Robotics in high school are often eligible for significant scholarships at prestigious Colleges and Universities.

Robotics Team Website

As part of their bid for a spot at the VEX Robotics World Championships, the Prep Robotics Team built a website showcasing their work.

Visit for a student-created, behind-the-scenes look at this great program!

Meet the Coach

Willem Scholten brings over 10 years of experience introducing students from kindergarten through college to the world of integrated system design focusing on engineering, math, biology, computer programming and human and machine interaction. "Everyone should do robotics at least once in their school career" he is fond of saying, and he particularly enjoys opening students' eyes to the beautiful world of applied robotics



Wednesday - Sept. 27th: VEX IQ League

Thursday - Oct. 12th Girl Powered



"Robotics Technology in your Community" , show your creativity and invent ways robots will help you, your family or society in our daily tasks! Dazzle us, surprise us and be ready to share. Create teams of K -2nd graders, 3 - 5th graders and 6-8th graders and come to Seattle Preparatory School on Saturday May 6th and share your ideas!

The Future is Now: Robotics Club Gears up for Competition