Seattleā€™s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

Recreational & Social Clubs

Outdoors Club

Our goals as a club are to give the Seattle Prep community a greater appreciation for nature. We hope to show club members just a few of the wonderful aspects of the Northwest, and hopefully motivate them to further explore out beautiful home.  Through nature hikes, meetings, charity work, and raising awareness for environmental issues, we will bring the Seattle Prep community closer with each other and with the outdoors.  

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Video Game Club

The Video Game Club (VGC) is a gaming club that meets to not only build community through gaming but to make great friendships as well. Student leaders bring their own consoles, along with music and all are always welcome to bring snacks too. Mini-tournaments and various after school activities are setup to ensure everyone has an opportunity to compete and enjoy some downtime with one another.

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Dungeons & Dragons Club

The Dungeons and Dragons club is a club where students can gather together and have fun playing dungeons & dragons--a game that encourages student imagination and role playing.

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