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Pulse (dance team)


Program Philosophy

The Seattle Prep Pulse Dance Team works to serve the community through the art of performance. We strive to create an environment that inspires, entertains and brings forth a positive spirit at Seattle Prep.

Here on Pulse, we believe that dance is a gift from God. We are committed to developing this talent by using it to serve our community through leadership, teamwork, and performance. Throughout the year, we will examine the fundamentals of dance, explore artistic expression, and learn an array of various hip hop choreography. We will also have several opportunities to experience the fun of performing center stage during assemblies and other Seattle Prep events. Not only is Pulse a place where we can continually improve our dance techniques and build confidence, but by being on Pulse, you ultimately become a part of a family. Our family stands for Unity—one body, one rhythm, one pulse.

Pulse has built the foundations of their team through intensive training camps, an outstanding leadership program, and countless performances at Seattle Prep. Through their strong foundation, they were able to start with a small team of 5 members in 2007 to recent years of over 25 members!

In early 2016, the Pulse captains attended Monsters of Hip Hop and received the opportunity of a lifetime to train with well-known choreographers of So You Think You Can Dance, Missy Elliot, and JLo.

In 2015, Pulse Dance Team were the headline performers at the St. George Multicultural Dinner. This marked their first ever participation in performing for a community outside of Seattle Prep.

Meet the Coach

The Seattle Prep Pulse Dance Team is lead by Program Head Aara Meas. Coach Meas has been coaching PULSE since 2007. She has also been a dance instructor for hip hop, jazz, and lyrical for 18 years.

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Every year Coach Meas continues to raise the bar in Pulse's reach for excellence. She has plans of performing at various schools, showcasing at Seattle Center, and dreams of competing and performing at Disneyland! Pulse has taken giant leaps forward since their establishment in 2007. They have definitely made their mark in the Seattle Prep legacy!