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Journalism - The Seattle Prep Panther


The Panther student Journalism Program gives students a wide variety of experiences relating to journalism and newspaper skills. The Panther is focused on both a print and online edition for the newspaper titled: The Seattle Prep Panther.

Students on the Panther staff also manage the Panther's social media accounts, publish a bi-weekly newsletter, The Panther Paw and a podcast The Pawdcast. The Panther is a great opportunity for students interested in developing a wide range of skills including graphic design, writing skills, photography, interviewing, and new journalism media.

The Panther and its staff have been honored with multiple awards at the state and national level over the past several years. A full list of awards can be found here.

Micah Richardson brings over fifteen years of journalism teaching experience as the advisor for the program. In the summer of 2015, Richardson received a fellowship from the American Society of News Educators to attend a week long summer institute for journalism educators at the University of Texas School of Journalism.

2022 Murrow High School Journalism Awards Competition

  • First Place-Best Website
  • First Place-Best Issue “The Throwback Issue”
  • Honorable Mention-Multimedia Journalism (Sydney Leardi)

2022 Washington Journalism Education Association All Washington Write-Off Award Winners

  • Alden Arnold– “Excellent” rating-Newswriting
  • Ava Tinder-“Honorable Mention” rating-Newspaper Layout
  • Alex Gardner-“Excellent” rating-Sports Feature Writing
  • Paloma Hissong-“Honorable Mention” rating-News Feature writing
  • Seattle Prep Panther-“Excellent” rating-News Website

2021 Washington Journalism Education Association Emerald Award

  • Online Emerald Award
  • Newspaper Emerald Award

2021 Murrow High School Journalism Awards Competition

  • First Place-Best Website
  • Second Place-Best Issue
  • Second Place-Multimedia Podcast and Article (Sydney Leardi & Eamon Mohrbacher)


2020 Washington Journalism Education Association All Washington Write-Off Award Winners

  • Hobbs Hegedus-"Honorable Mention" rating-Editorial Cartooning
  • Kelly McGarry-"Excellent" rating-Review Writing

2019 Murrow High School Journalism Awards Competition

  • Second Place-Best Website

2019 Washington Journalism Education Association All Washington Write-Off Award Winners

  • Tessa Zink– “Honorable Mention” rating-Newswriting
  • Sophie Jurion-“Honorable Mention” rating-Newspaper Layout
  • Walid Cruz-Vanegas-“Excellent” rating-Sports Feature Writing
  • Danica Dytioco-“Excellent” rating-Seattle Prep Panther Pawdcast
  • Lauren Day-“Superior” rating-Editorial Writing
  • Moses Kent-“Superior” rating-Editorial Cartooning

2018 Washington Journalism Education Association All Washington Write-Off Award Winners

  • Walid Cruz-Vanegas-"Honorable Mention" rating-Newspaper Feature Writing
  • Emma Cooney-"Excellent" rating-News Writing
  • Moses Kent- "Superior" rating-Editorial Cartooning

2017 Journalism Education Association National Conference Write-Off Award Winners

  • Mikaela Frigillana-"Honorable Mention" rating-Newswriting
  • Mimi Jurion-"Honorable Mention" rating-Commentary Writing
  • George Kent-"Honorable Mention" rating-Review Writing

Washington Journalism Association All Washington Critique

  • 2015, 2018: "Excellent" rating-The Panther newspaper
  • 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020: "Honorable Mention" rating-The Panther newspaper
  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020: "Honorable Mention" rating-The Panther website

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Literary Magazine - Ignite

Ignite—Seattle Prep’s online journal of creative writing and visual arts—is committed to furthering the mission of Seattle Prep through fostering the development of the whole person. We do this by embracing the literary and visual arts as media through which we can deeply and authentically encounter God in all things—a central ideal of the Ignatian spiritual tradition. Click here to take a look.

Ignite's moderator, Jen Dotsey, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is at work on her first novel, a work of historical fiction. She works in both the English and Community Ministry departments at Seattle Prep.

A spring semester Window class, Ignite focuses on production of Prep’s online literary magazine. Students solicit submissions; read, view, critique and revise the submitted pieces; and publicize the new edition.

Students of all grade levels and abilities are welcome to participate.

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Yearbook - Echo

The Echo has been recognized for several years now in the "Gallery of Excellence" which awards the top yearbooks nationally for photography and design. Students are accepted to the staff through an application process each spring.

If you are interested in photography or graphic design, consider applying for the yearbook staff. You could be part of a dedicated team that creates award-winning publications that people will keep for many years to come.

Yearbook advisor, Michael Danielson, has been the moderator for over 20 years. Originally starting with ten students and two small Apple LC II computers, the program has grown into a 24 student staff with a computer lab of 15 iMacs. Mr Danielson and his staff are consistently asked to give presentations at yearbook events around the northwest.

Mr. Danielson also teaches Media Literacy, Theology and is the Ed Tech Director at Prep.

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