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Our Lady of Montserrat Chapel

Our chapel is located at the heart of the school– a place of sanctuary for students as they journey through life and face fundamental decisions about their true and false identities. The prominent visual presence of the Montserrat Chapel on campus makes a strong statement about Seattle Prep’s commitment to the spiritual formation of our young men and women. It is their spiritual formation that moves them to strive for the greater good and greater love and justice in their roles as students, sons and daughters and as conscientious citizens of the world. Our Lady of Montserrat Chapel is inspired by the early Jesuit Missions and was designed with these aspirations:

  • to reflect Jesuit values and traditions
  • to be of the Seattle Prep Campus and Pacific Northwest
  • to be multifunctional, adaptable, and simple

The Chapel provides a contemplative space for prayer, reflection and liturgical celebration. It is designed to accommodate personal and communal prayers, as well as both small and large liturgical gatherings. With a variety of materials and textures, a pleasant color palette and warm lighting, the Chapel aims to create a prayerful ambience and a sense of the sacred. It is hoped that our Chapel will be a sanctuary where students feel the warm embrace of God. There, they will experience God in many different ways as they continue to strive to seek God in all things.

Our Lady of Montserrat Chapel was designed by Hennebery Eddy Architects in collaboration with Francis Nguyen, S.J.

Chapel Artwork & Details

Please click here to fully explore our chapel, including its artistic elements such as the tapestry, stained glass window and Our Lady of Montserrat statue.

Montserrat Chapel