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Community Ministry

Our mission as a Catholic, Jesuit school is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we collaborate with and serve the Seattle Prep community through experiences of:

Community Ministry aids in the continuing spiritual development of the individuals at Seattle Prep and helps to provide for the holistic development of a Christian community. While theology is taught in the classroom, Community Ministry provides opportunities outside the classroom to grow in relationship with God. Community Ministry at Seattle Prep is administered by a core group of faculty and staff whose primary intention is to minister as a team. The team attempts to establish itself as a community of prayer, discernment and concern thereby providing a model of what may be possible in the broader community. Just as importantly, the team works in partnership with students, staff, parents and alums in ascertaining the spiritual needs of the various groups within the Prep constituency, planning programs and experiences which meet those needs. 

Community Ministry Team

Brian Mack

Faculty, Director of Community Ministry

Aara Meas

Community Minister

Ryan Rallanka


Simon Zachary

Community Minister

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