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Service and Social Justice Clubs

At Seattle Prep, our Service and Social Justice Clubs embody our commitment to making a difference in the world. These clubs are a testament to our dedication to service, equality, and social change. Students who are passionate about giving back, advocating for justice, and creating a better society find a home in these clubs. Each one focuses on different aspects of service, philanthropy, and social advocacy, providing opportunities for students to engage with local and global communities, raise awareness about critical issues, and promote a more just and compassionate world.

Environmental Alliance (EA)


Environmental Alliance focuses on educating Prep students on what they can do to become more environmentally sustainable and to be change makers in their community. Environmental Alliance raises awareness for the conservation of the environment by informing students about their impact as humans on the environment and how to make it imore positive. The club educates students about the environment, specifically the most urgent problems they are currently facing in our world. The club works to educate, encourage action and awareness, give back, and make a difference in the greater community

Global Justice Coalition (GJC)


The Global Justice Coalition is a group formed by students on campus who hope to educate fellow students in the Seattle Prep community about global justice issues. The club's goal is to motivate people to understand and to act against injustices in our world.

Global Restoration of Wildlife (GROWL)


Join the Global Restoration of Wildlife Club at Seattle Prep and become a guardian of the natural world. This club is dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife conservation and taking concrete steps to support the global restoration of ecosystems. Through various initiatives, educational campaigns, and hands-on activities, students work to protect and restore the world's diverse ecosystems.