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At Seattle Prep, our publications clubs serve as a vibrant platform for students to express themselves, share news, and explore the world of journalism and marketing. Whether you're interested in reporting, photography, or creative storytelling, these clubs offer an array of opportunities to engage with the school community and beyond. From keeping everyone informed with our school newspaper to crafting compelling marketing strategies in Sports Marketing, our publications clubs foster a sense of connection, creativity, and communication.

Journalism - The Seattle Prep Panther


The Panther student Journalism Program gives students a wide variety of experiences relating to journalism and newspaper skills. The Panther is focused on both a print and online edition for the newspaper titled: The Seattle Prep Panther.

Students on the Panther staff also manage the Panther's social media accounts, publish a bi-weekly newsletter, The Panther Paw and a podcast, The Pawdcast. The Panther is a great opportunity for students interested in developing a wide range of skills including graphic design, writing skills, photography, interviewing, and new journalism media.

The Seattle Prep PantherThe PawdcastThe Panther Paw

Literary Magazine - Ignite


Ignite—Seattle Prep’s online journal of creative writing and visual arts—is committed to furthering the mission of Seattle Prep through fostering the development of the whole person. We do this by embracing the literary and visual arts as media through which we can deeply and authentically encounter God in all things—a central ideal of the Ignatian spiritual tradition. Click here to take a look

A spring semester Window class, Ignite focuses on production of Prep’s online literary magazine. Students solicit submissions; read, view, critique and revise the submitted pieces; and publicize the new edition.

Yearbook - Echo

The Echo has been recognized for several years now in the "Gallery of Excellence" which awards the top yearbooks nationally for photography and design. Students are accepted to the staff through an application process each spring.

If you are interested in photography or graphic design, consider applying for the yearbook staff. You could be part of a dedicated team that creates award-winning publications that people will keep for many years to come.

Sports Marketing


Seattle Prep's Sports Marketing club is where passion for sports meets the world of marketing and promotion. This club provides students with an opportunity to delve into the exciting realm of sports advertising, branding, and event promotion. From strategizing marketing campaigns for school athletic events to analyzing fan engagement, students in this club gain real-world marketing experience while supporting the school's sports programs. If you're looking to combine your love for sports with the creativity of marketing, Sports Marketing is the perfect place to explore your skills and make a lasting impact on Prep's sports culture.