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Music Clubs

At Seattle Prep, our music clubs are a harmonious blend of talent, passion, and creativity. Whether you're an aspiring vocalist, a budding instrumentalist, or simply someone who loves to appreciate the magic of music, our clubs offer a range of opportunities to immerse yourself in a world of melody and rhythm. From soulful choir performances to the electrifying energy of the Jam Band, the precision of the Instrumental Music Club, the captivating spirit of the Glee Club, and the exploration of musical diversity in the Album Club, these clubs provide unforgettable experiences for our students

Window Choir


Window Choir is open to all students grades 9 – 12. They rehearse every window period and are the most active of the performing ensembles at Seattle Prep, performing in both Fall and Spring semesters. There are plenty of performing opportunities for students interested in joining Window Choir, ranging from the Christmas Concert and Benaroya Hall performances to the Coffeehouse talent show to various festivals and competitions around the state.

Jam Band


Get ready to groove with the Seattle Prep Jam Band. This club is a dynamic fusion of musical talents where students experiment, jam, and create unique sounds. Whether you play an instrument, sing, or simply appreciate the power of music, the Jam Band welcomes you to join the jamming sessions, collaborate with fellow musicians, and bring your creative ideas to life.

Instrumental Music Club


The Instrumental Music Club at Seattle Prep is a haven for those who want to explore the art of making music through instruments. From classical symphonies to contemporary compositions, students have the opportunity to showcase their instrumental prowess. This club not only enhances musical skills but also fosters teamwork and a deep appreciation for the instrumental magic.

Glee Club


Seattle Prep's Glee Club is the perfect platform for those who love to sing and dance. This club is all about embracing the joy and energy of musical theater. Members not only sing but also choreograph and perform lively musical numbers. Join the Glee Club to be a part of this electrifying community that brings the magic of musicals to life.

Album Club


Seattle Prep's Album Club is a unique exploration of musical diversity. Here, students listen to, analyze, and discuss a wide range of albums from various genres and eras. It's a celebration of the art of music in all its forms. Join this club to expand your musical horizons, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and dive into the stories behind the tracks.