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General Clubs

At Seattle Prep, our clubs encompass a wide spectrum of interests that cater to the diverse passions of our students. These clubs provide opportunities to explore, learn, and connect with like-minded peers. From the imaginative worlds of the Anime Club to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Business Club, the art of persuasion in the Debate Club, and the scientific curiosity of the Science Club, these organizations foster a sense of community, personal growth, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Anime Club


Join Seattle Prep's Anime Club, where the vibrant world of Japanese animation comes to life. Whether you're a devoted anime fan or just curious to explore this captivating art form, this club is a hub for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in epic adventures, unique characters, and cultural exchanges. Members watch and discuss a wide range of anime, from classics to the latest releases, while celebrating the creativity and storytelling that anime offers.

Business Club


Seattle Prep's Business Club is where the entrepreneurs of tomorrow develop their skills and strategies. This club provides a platform for students to explore the dynamic world of business, marketing, and innovation. From crafting business plans to participating in entrepreneurial challenges, members of this club gain valuable insights into the business world while fostering their leadership and teamwork abilities

Science Club


Seattle Prep's Science Club is the perfect place for budding scientists to explore and experiment. Members of this club engage in hands-on science activities, delve into intriguing scientific discussions, and conduct exciting experiments. From physics to chemistry, biology, and beyond, the Science Club offers a space for students to quench their curiosity, expand their knowledge, and foster their love for all things science.


Debate Club


Sharpen your persuasion and critical thinking skills with the Seattle Prep Debate Club. In this club, students engage in lively discussions, argumentative exercises, and competitive debates on a range of thought-provoking topics. Whether you're a seasoned debater or new to the art of discourse, the Debate Club offers a space to enhance your public speaking, research, and reasoning abilities while connecting with others who are passionate about making their point