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Competitive Clubs

At Seattle Prep, our competitive clubs set the stage for students to thrive in intellectually challenging and skill-based competitions. These clubs not only foster a competitive spirit but also engage skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. From the strategic moves of our Chess Team to the analytical prowess of the Math Team, the persuasive artistry of Mock Trial, the technical innovation of Robotics, and the digital excellence of our Video Game Club/E-Sports Team, these clubs offer a dynamic arena for students to excel, learn, and test their abilities against the best.

Chess Team


The Seattle Prep Chess Team is open to anyone with an interest in the game, regardless of ability or experience. The program provides students an opportunity to hone their chess skills, represent Prep against other teams from across the state, and have fun doing so.

The team practices after school beginning in October, with weekly Metro League matches falling on Wednesdays. Members also attend a number of weekend tournaments held during the season and host a Catholic Schools Tournament for middle school programs in the area. The season typically concludes in early March, with the State Team Championship.

Math Team


Seattle Prep's Math Team is where numbers become a passion. Students who have a fascination for equations, theorems, and mathematical challenges come together to flex their mental muscles. They tackle complex math problems, participate in math competitions, and celebrate the beauty of precision and logic. Join the Math Team to discover the thrilling world of mathematics and problem-solving.

Mock Trial


The mock trial course teaches the fundamentals of evidence and trial procedure and prepares students to participate in the YMCA Youth and Government mock trial program. Students assume lawyer or witness roles and prepare the State case to go up against other schools in a realistic trial scenario. The District competition is at the end of February; the Washington State competition is at the end of March.

Mock Trial is both an academic Window class and a competitive interscholastic activity open to all classes. It includes weekly after-school practices downtown from October through at least March. Students receive a CR ("credit") grade on their transcript.



The Seattle Prep Robotics program focuses on teaching students the fundamental skills in teamwork, engineering, system design, programming and project management. Prep Robotics participates in VEX Robotics , the largest international robotics program. In teams of three or four, students design, build and program robots to meet and compete in each year’s unique challenge. The most recent game in 2023, “Spin Up,” required robots to be able to pick up and launch discs into elevated goals, similar to frisbee golf.

Robotics is an intensive year-long program that takes places during Window period. It is open to all classes and no prior robotics experience is necessary. In their teams, students take on the role of mechanical engineer, software engineer, and/or program manager. Throughout the school year, students also compete in several all-day tournaments where they compete against other school and programs. The ultimate goal each year is to qualify for the State tournament in March and Worlds in May.

Video Game Club/ E-Sports Team


The Prep Video Game Club (VGC) is a gaming club that meets to not only build community through gaming but to make great friendships as well. Student leaders bring their own consoles, along with music and all are always welcome to bring snacks too. Mini-tournaments and various after school activities are set up to ensure everyone has an opportunity to compete and enjoy some downtime with one another.



The Seattle Prep Pulse Dance Team works to serve the community through the art of performance. We strive to create an environment that inspires, entertains and brings forth a positive spirit at Seattle Prep.

Here on Pulse, we believe that dance is a gift from God. We are committed to developing this talent by using it to serve our community through leadership, teamwork, and performance. Throughout the year, we will examine the fundamentals of dance, explore artistic expression, and learn an array of various hip hop choreography. We will also have several opportunities to experience the fun of performing center stage during assemblies and other Seattle Prep events. Not only is Pulse a place where we can continually improve our dance techniques and build confidence, but by being on Pulse, you ultimately become a part of a family. Our family stands for Unity—one body, one rhythm, one pulse.