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Arts Clubs

Seattle Prep is proud to offer a vibrant spectrum of arts clubs that cater to every student's creative interests and talents. These extracurricular activities provide a supportive and inclusive environment for students to explore and express their passions. From visual arts to culinary skills, theater, dance, and film, our arts clubs foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Each club is a unique opportunity for students to further enrich their high school experience, develop new skills or deepen existing ones, and build lasting friendships.

Art Window

Art Window with Mrs. Dold is a welcoming space for budding artists who want to explore their creative side without adding an art class to their busy schedule. Whether you're a seasoned painter or a complete beginner, this club is open to all skill levels. With a diverse range of projects and opportunities for self-expression, Art Window encourages students to unleash their artistic flair and bond with like-minded peers.


Ceramics at Seattle Prep allows students to get their hands dirty and sculpt their imagination into tangible creations. From crafting functional pottery to sculpting unique art pieces, our ceramics enthusiasts enjoy a hands-on experience that fuses artistic expression with craftsmanship. This window offering provides a calming, tactile outlet for students seeking a break from the everyday.

Cooking Club


Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with Seattle Prep's Cooking Club. Our culinary aficionados delve into the world of gastronomy, experimenting with diverse recipes, flavors, and techniques. From mastering classic dishes to exploring international cuisine, this club is a delicious journey for students who appreciate the art of cooking and sharing meals with friends.

Drama Club


Step into the spotlight with Seattle Prep's Drama Club. Whether you're a seasoned actor or brand new to the stage, this club is your platform for theatrical exploration. Our talented performers work together to produce captivating productions, express their creativity, and develop invaluable public speaking and teamwork skills.

Film Club


Seattle Prep’s Video Club is designed for students who what to share their passions in the art of digital film production. We will spend the year making a variety of short films including video to share with our community on special school events and assemblies.

Seattle Prep offers a classes in digital filmmaking and the video club is an extension of the classroom which allows students to create their own short films and make videos to share that celebrate the Seattle Prep community.

We have produced videos for the Seattle Prep community including films for our admissions department, student life and information videos for the school website. Students in video club have also been featured in local student film festivals.



The Seattle Prep Pulse Dance Team works to serve the community through the art of performance. The team strives to create an environment that inspires, entertains and brings forth a positive spirit at Seattle Prep.

PULSE, believes that dance is a gift from God. The club is committed to developing this talent by using it to serve the Prep community through leadership, teamwork, and performance. Throughout the year, PULSE examines the fundamentals of dance, explores artistic expression, and learns an array of various hip hop choreography. The team also has several opportunities to experience the fun of performing center stage during assemblies and other Seattle Prep events. Not only is PULSE a place where students can continually improve their dance techniques and build confidence, but by being on Pulse, you ultimately become part of a family. The PULSE family stands for Unity—one body, one rhythm, one pulse.