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Program Philosophy

As a program, we want to build at the core and work around it. We believe that with sound fundamentals and clear knowledge of the game; all girls will be successful. We also ask that each girl come committed. In a day an age where there are endless possibilities and opportunities to be involved in many things we ask that during softball season the girls commit. Without this full commitment the voids and gaps in a program can be costly.

We like to play small ball and manufacture runs, which means we are a running team and like to take chances. Can you keep up? Girls must be ready to be challenged and to be critical thinkers on the field and make decisions based on their given or learned knowledge. We aim to have a program that is self-driven with high motivation and a hunger for the win, all within the boundaries of integrity. The skills that they learn from the field will take them well beyond their years at Seattle Prep.





2003 - 7th Place
1996 - 7th Place





Joshua Magallanes is in his 9th season as the Program Head of softball at Seattle Prep.  He has been a part of the coaching world over the past twenty years, and has worked with youth across Arizona and Washington, teaching and coaching what he knows best, softball.

As a player himself, he is able to offer the best gift possible-to give back and help another athlete reach their potential. He has many years of experience in both the academic sector as a coach and in the select Softball world offering a rich and unique learning experience. 

He also believes, as a coach, he is able to level the playing field and help all player athletes reach their personal best on and off the field. As a coach he says," it is my responsibility to help my players become stewards and to help champion what it means to be part of a team and a contributor to society at whatever level they choose."

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