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Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning program is designed to reach the widest swath of Seattle Prep students as possible, helping not only student-athletes but the general student body become comfortable in the weight room and building life-long skills. 

Ask any Prep student about the reasons for their athletic success and Coach Durand is sure to be one of them. As a member of the Health and Science Department, Mike is at the forefront of Prep’s strength and conditioning program. Often before the sun rises, the first signs of life emerge on campus as student-athletes start their morning with stretching, weights and strength exercises. Year round—morning, day and night—you can find Mike bringing students together in the Merlino Center, to test their limits in the Peter Feldsine Fitness Center. 

Program Overview

Morning or ‘zero period’ workout groups are traditionally designed to help in-season student-athletes carve time out of their busy schedules to focus on body maintenance that can help our kids stay strong and healthy over the course of a long high school season. During the school day, a number of HEX classes are dedicated to offering teaching and training to interested students. Coach Durand and the other HEX teachers create individualized workout plans that help each student reach his or her own goals for the class. Finally, after school lifting groups are aimed at out-of-season student-athletes who use the time to come together as a team and to build strength, mass, explosion, flexibility or whatever other goals that are established collectively by their coaches, Coach Durand, or Coach Behrman, our assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.



High School football player. University of Washington strength coach. NFL Oakland Raiders strength coach. This is the experience Mike Durand brings to his role as Strength  and Conditioning Coach at Prep. In his fourteenth year at Prep, Mike works with every student to develop the value of lifelong fitness skills. Whether it’s part of conditioning for a sport or merely to stay healthy, Mike works to develop personalized workouts to prepare students mentally and physically for competition on the court, field and classroom. 

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Mr. Durand’s favorite strength training exercise is the Back Squat, known as the king of exercises, because it involves all major muscles. He says, “either people love it or hate it.” 

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