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Seattle Prep offers courses in Filmmaking and Advanced Filmmaking starting Sophomore year. Film Club is open to all students.Students learn the art of digital filmmaking by creating, writing, filming, editing and premiering their own short films. Each video project builds essential filmmaking and cinematic storytelling skills as student use digital film equipment to capture their movies and edit them using final cut and adobe premiere software. The goal is to give students the knowledge and equipment they need to enhance their own storytelling through the art of filmmaking.

Our Film Club meets during Window Period and is open to all students. Our mission is to create films documenting the people, spirit and events of Seattle Prep. We also create films of our Film Festival that is a part of our Arts Week Celebration. Our Digital Media Lab has 18 Mac computers furnished with the latest editing software from Adobe and Apple.

Adam Othman, Film Teacher & Film Club Moderator

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