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Peers Building Community
Lisa Fernandez

Peer Mentors show their spirit at this year’s Panther Day (an event for incoming freshmen). Marco Alfieri ’24 hopes he can be the kind of Peer Mentor this year that he had as a freshman— kind, energetic, and positive with a willingness to answer every question. “These are qualities every Peer Mentor should have,” he says.

Marco Alfieri ’24 is one of the 100 upperclassmen serving as a Peer Mentor at Seattle Prep this year. The Peer Mentor program pairs each incoming student with a junior or senior peer mentor who supports them throughout their freshman year. The program builds community while providing peer leadership opportunity. “I know it’s tough transitioning to another school environment after being comfortable for many years in another,” says Marco. I chose to be a peer mentor because I want to ease that transition and help the freshmen grow in their high school experience. I want to replicate my positive experience.” 

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Lisa Fernandez, Director of Communications & Marketing