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Auden Salazar

Five months into his presidency at Seattle Prep, President Jordan is already bringing a vibrancy and talent for building community. Robert and wife Nancy are also embracing the personal transition from Napa, California to Belltown, Seattle, as they relish acts of urban living such as morning walks to the local coffee shop. Here, President Jordan reveals more.

In your first few months as president of Seattle Prep, what opportunity are you most excited about?

Simply to meet people and learn why so many love our school.

Favorite place you have explored in Washington since moving here?

All the hidden gems in Pike Place Market. I still am finding places I have never seen before.

What’s on your music playlist?

Very eclectic, it depends what mood I am in, but everything from classical to rock to 80’s to folk. Music is always playing in our house.

One subject you would like to learn more about?

AI – where are we going with this new technology and how will it change our world, hopefully for the better.

Favorite Disney character?

Donald Duck – amusing anger management issues.

Favorite place to travel?

My place of Zen is in Mendocino, California where my father grew up and we still have family property. It is one of the most beautiful places, but I am anxious to explore more of the Pacific Northwest.

What is your Hogwarts house?

According to the quiz on Buzzfeed I am 34% Hufflepuff, 28% Gryffindor, 22% Slytherin and 16% Ravenclaw!

What religious figure intrigues you the most? Why?

I’m of course learning more about Ignatius of Loyola. He seems to me to be the saint of second and third chances since he really didn’t understand what he was truly meant to do until later in life.

What did you learn from your work at Kaiser Permanente that will be helpful in your leadership of Seattle Prep?

Working in healthcare was an important part of my journey back into education. One key takeaway is that change is easier when we actually plan and manage for it. I also learned that while education can be an emotional business, there is great value in keeping the drama low. No matter what the issue, we will eventually find a solution. I also appreciate how Kaiser Permanente offered a focus on healthy work-life balance. Education can sometimes be very consuming because the work is so wonderfully intoxicating, but that can come at a price later.

Favorite board game?

Monopoly – good finance fundamentals.

What have you found to be paramount in educating and supporting students on their educational journey?

That no one student is alike. As educators we need to keep this in mind and understand that it is our uniqueness that makes the world an interesting place. I would also say that education is more about exploration and discovery and less about memorizing and repeating. I would rather offer students wisdom about their world and experiences rather than knowledge about things they are likely to forget.

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