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Chocolate Conundrum
Auden Salazar

AP Statistic students Gabe Tanumihardja ’23 and Meryl Ramirez ’23 set out to determine whether there really is any truth to the euphoric qualities of chocolate. In pursuit of data, the young men polled 57 Seattle Prep students to find out if people who accept the gift of chocolate (a Hershey’s kiss in this case) are happier than those who don’t. (Eating the chocolate was not required.) In this observational study, the data showed that students who accepted the chocolate gift had, on average, a happier score on a subsequent survey evaluating mental health than students who did not accept the chocolate. Conversely, the people who didn’t accept the chocolate answered on average more similarly to negative questions. Bottom line? Life is sweeter with chocolate. It’s scientifically proven. 

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