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Girls' Basketball

Program Philosophy

It is our belief that the girls basketball program at Seattle Prep is an extension of the school’s mission “that each person is sacred and that we are created to serve others in community”. Everything that our program stands for and practices - from drills to team retreats and service to how players conduct themselves in the classroom - should flow from this belief that the student-athletes are part of something bigger than themselves. The great thing about a Jesuit school is that the "something bigger than themselves" is already defined. In short, the student-athletes who play basketball at Seattle Prep are aiming to become “women for others”.

Of course, the day-to-day basketball is exciting as well. Players will be prepared, confident and relentless. They will do this because the love each other, they love the game and they love to compete. Because ultimately love wins. By choosing love (the sport, the drill, our teammates, the journey), we can become the best version of ourselves on the court and in life.

Meet the Coach

In his two years as girls' program head, Brian Elsner led the Panthers to a 19-6 record in 2019 and a 20-11 record in 2020 with two trips to the 3A WIAA State tournament. Elsner graduated from Seattle Prep in 1997 and Santa Clara University in 2001. He joined the boys' basketball coaching staff at Seattle Prep as an assistant in 2001 and served for his last ten years as the Associate Head Coach. During his time coaching with the boys, the Panthers advanced to the State tournament ten different times, including a Metro championship in 2005, a Sea-King District championship in 2006 and 2012 and a State championship in 2006.

Coach Elsner has a wonderful family with his wife Dana and two boys, Lincoln (10) and Felix (6).

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    Metro Championships


    State Championships


    State Finishes

    2020 - Quarterfinals
    2019 - Consolation
    2018 - 6th Place
    2017 - Consolation
    2013 - 2nd Place
    2012 - 6th Place
    2011 - State Regionals
    2010 - 4th Place
    2009 - Consolation
    2008 - Consolation
    2007 - 4th Place
    2006 - 8th Place
    2003 - 2nd Place
    2001 - 5th Place
    1999 - Consolation
    1998 - 6th Place
    1990 - Consolation
    1983 - State Regionals
    1982 - State Regionals

    District Championships