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Spring Sports Tryouts

Start of Season Information

Spring Sports begin on February 25th. Please check back as more specific information with regards to tryouts will be updated in the next couple of weeks. Also, please visit the eligibility list below to ensure your student is cleared to play a sport this season. All documents must be completed prior to tryouts.

Baseball: Gear needed: Baseball pants, Baseball cleats (NO METAL SPIKES), Athletic shoes, Glove, Bat, and Water.

Tryouts will be Monday-Wednesday, location and time TBD depending on weather. If practice is at Steve Cox all non-returning varsity Freshmen and Sophomores will ride in vans to the field. We will have practice until 5:30. Players can either be picked up directly at Steve Cox or take the vans back to Prep.

Boys Lacrosse: Tryouts Monday at Montlake 3 - 5pm. Tuesday & Wednesday TBD.

Boys Soccer: All soccer players meet in Ignatius 103 immediately after school on Monday, February 25th. Freshman and sophomores will travel on school bus to Magnuson #6 for tryouts and return to school after tryouts end at 5:00 pm. Juniors and seniors will drive to tryouts that begin at 3:20 pm at Magnuson #6.

Crew: We will be hosting a 'try crew' session Thursday, 21st, from 3 to 5pm with a spring interest meeting afterward from 5 to 5:30pm at the boathouse.

Girls Lacrosse: Tryouts will be held Monday February 25th- Wednesday February 27th from 3-5 at Lower Woodland #2. Captains will be coordinating a carpool to tryouts, but players will need to be picked up from the field.

Players will need to bring running shoes, cleats, a stick, a mouthguard, and goggles. Please contact Coach Slack if you have questions about any of the gear.

Softball: Monday, February 25th from 3:30-5:30pm and Tuesday February, 26th from 3:30-5:30pm.Both days will be at Bobby Morris Playfield, please bring BOTH Running Shoes and Cleats to all practices. We look forward to seeing you out there this year.

Tennis: Boys tennis, all levels, will be at Rogers from 3 to 5pm. Girls tennis, all levels, will be at Montlake from 3 to 5pm.

Track & Field: Be dressed and ready to participate on February 25th. We will meet in the Navone Great Room at 3:00pm. Practice locations will vary depending on the event group.


The below link will access a list of students currently cleared to tryout for a spring sport. It will also indicate if your child's physical is expired or at risk of expiring. Per WIAA rules every student who participates in athletics must have an up to date physical. (Physical's are valid for 2 years.) Please contact Melissa White ( with any questions.

Eligibility List

Physical Form

If your athlete needs to update their physical information, click here to download the form.

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