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Seattle’s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

Greetings from the Athletic Director

Seattle Prep's mission is to "embrace the Ignatian ideals that God may be found in all things, that each person is sacred and that we are created to serve others in community". It is our belief that athletics is a part of the formation of young people and will help your son or daughter become a man or woman for others. As a 1997 graduate of Seattle Prep, I learned the values of leadership, loyalty, and selflessness through my experiences at Seattle Prep. As a coach for 15 years, I've worked to ensure that our graduates today express those same values as they leave this wonderful place. As an athletic director, my hope is that your son or daughter will have an opportunity to lose themselves in the team. My hope is that they experience something "bigger than themselves" and that ultimately through athletics they become women and men for others.

Athletics, especially varsity athletics in a tough Metro league, can be challenging. Our student-athletes have to balance an academic workload, community service, family, faith and team commitments. We believe that through this experience, our graduates become better prepared for the life beyond high school. Your son or daughter will also experience failure - often public failure - when they compete. Their response to these failures often shapes the type of people they will become. Yet ultimately they will become the kind of people that will shape our future world. They will be selfless, compassionate, and determined. As St. Ignatius says: “They will go forth and set the world on fire”.

Brian Elsner '97, Athletic Director