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Athletic Trainers

What is an athletic trainer?

Seattle Prep is proud to have partnered with Seattle Children's Hospital since 2018 to provide athletic training coverage to our student-athletes and athletic programs.  That partnership provides a full-time, dedicated Certified Athletic Trainer who is then assigned to work directly with Panther Athletics.  

Athletic trainers work with kids, teens, coaches and parents to make sure young athletes are well prepared for activities, properly treated for injuries and can return to play safely and quickly.

Services they provide:

  • Immediate emergency care and treatment; including cervical spine stabilization and cardiac emergencies
  • Evaluate return to play
  • Injury prevention, assessment, care and rehabilitation
  • Taping, weight training programs and review of medical releases
  • Conditioning and flexibility training suggestions
  • Education about sports safety and nutrition
  • Sport-specific training and conditioning programs
  • Referrals when medically necessary

All of Seattle Children’s athletic trainers:

  • Hold degrees from accredited programs, have passed the board of certification exam for athletic trainers and have expertise working with young athletes. 
  • Design programs to meet the unique needs of young athletes. They recommend age-appropriate training, teach proper technique and use clear, understandable language to educate children about sports and related health issues.
  • Are part of the Seattle Sports Concussion Program. They determine whether an athlete has a concussion and when they can safely return to play.
  • Work to protect the best interest of the children they serve. Serving as liaisons between student-athletes and their coaches, athletic trainers help ensure that the athletes' health comes first.
  • Evaluate and care for injuries on site, provide information about at-home care, refer athletes and parents for additional care and follow up to check that athletes are recovering well.


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