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Seattle Prep Annual Report



How do you lead in a pandemic? A year that started as "normal" ended as anything but that. In September the Board, alumni and school leadership partnered in kicking off the year with a community-wide Raise the Roof campaign celebration. In March, due to COVID-19, faculty and the administration oversaw a massive effort to pivot from in-person educational instruction to fully remote. Full speed ahead, these committed individuals never stopped planning, caring, cheering or supporting Seattle Prep. For that we say, "thank you!"

Board Members

Through the hard work of many people, Prep continues to provide a Jesuit education to 785 students. In the time of COVID-19 "place" takes on a whole new meaning. This reminds us we are not merely our physical campus. We are our people.

Thank you to the following board members for their ongoing leadership of the school.

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Historic Year

March 17, 2020. A date that will go down in Prep history. COVID-19 forces a campus closure and remote digital learning became the “new normal.” To say this year has been unusual is an understatement. We are living through a historic moment that will mark our community and greater world indelibly. But around the edges of discomfort and fear there are shards of light that cut through the bleakness. Heroes sans cape—shining examples of hope. For every crisis there is a hero, so we feel it’s only appropriate to focus this year’s Annual Report theme on Prep HEROES.

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The Magis


Translated, the magis means the more. Members of our community engage in the magis every day with their minds, their hearts and their actions. In this Annual Report we turn our spotlight onto a few individuals who embody the magis, proving that heroes can surprise you by showing up when and where you least expect them.

heroes are prescient

What if? It’s a question that parent and board member César Galindo-Legaria persisted in asking during his six-year tenure on the Seattle Prep board of trustees. Without his persistence the school would have been unprepared to successfully meet the challenges dealt by COVID-19.

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heroes are dedicated

“Kit Tobin ’15 leads with kindness, a unique blend of compassion and presence. Her empathy is infectious really, making those around her want to be the best version of themselves.  She empowers others because she is not afraid to do the reflective work herself. She is a hero in my eyes.”

- Brian Meza ’92

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heroes are courageous

Prep alum Ryan Dwyer ’98 wanted to do something for all the nurses who had taken such good care of him and his stepdaughter while both battled cancer last year.

So in March, he began delivering meals to those hospital workers, from his car and with his own money.

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heroes are genuine

It’s not Kathy Krueger’s 41-year career at Seattle Prep that makes her a legend. That would be too predictable. Instead, it’s her profound ability to genuinely connect with every student, parent, and faculty and staff member whom she has encountered during those 41 years that elevates her to superhero status.

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heroes are advocates

Prep students have made this year about something more than just COVID-19. With their commitment to cura personalis, they have taken a role in addressing racial inequality, an issue that has engulfed the country resulting in protests and riots.

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heroes are generous

Seattle Prep may be closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, but its kitchen has been open, providing meals that are being delivered to hungry school children, families and the homeless.

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Opportunities created. Challenges taken. Moments seized. There are countless ways, every day, where the support of the greater Prep community matters. Here's a few.

Your impact in 2019-2020


Students awarded financial assistance


Hours customizing freshman laptops


All-sports Metro trophy earned by Prep girls


Students served by Prep's Learning Resource Center


Masks provided to the greater community by Prep students


Middle schools represented in the Freshman Class


Seniors complete in-depth advocacy proposals


Annual student retreats


Cards written & distributed to nursing homes/care facilities during Olympic Week



Generations of students have benefited from the "pay it forward" mindset. Prep would not be the school it is without the ongoing support of all members of its community from past parents and grandparents to teachers and alumni. This generosity is heroic in its sacrifice and in its legacy. Thank you to all who support Prep. It matters!

Annual Giving 2019-2020

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors. The donor lists in this Annual Report reflect contributions to Seattle Prep during the 2019-2020 fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. Included are gifts and sponsorships made through the following: Annual Appeal, SPREE Auction cash contributions, SPREE Fund-A-Need, Endowment, Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund, alumni events, COVID-19 Care Funds, and matching gifts procured by our donors. Also included are payments made toward pledges to the Level the Field, Raise the Bar Campaign and previous campaigns during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Giving Circles listed here include Ignatian, Kostka, Adelphia and Xavier.

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Cumulative Giving

Prep says thank you to the following people in our community whose sustained giving over the years demonstrates their generosity and ongoing commitment to Jesuit education.            

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Annual Giving 2019-2020 (Continued)

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors. The donor lists in this Annual Report reflect contributions to Seattle Prep during the 2019-2020 fiscal year ending June 30, 2020.

Giving Circles listed here include Panther Club and Blue and White Club.

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Annual Giving 2019-2020 (continued)

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors. The donor lists in this Annual Report reflect contributions to Seattle Prep during the 2019-2020 fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. 

Giving Circles listed here include Regis, Peyton and Garrigan.

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Level the Field, Raise the Bar Campaign

Capital Campaigns are essential for propelling a school into its potential. In Phase 1 of the Level the Field, Raise the Bar, a campus renovation of athletic spaces was completed. Now we look to Phase 2, which will build the multi-purpose Merlino Center on campus and relocate Rudolph Field to our Delmar property. This project will provide new spaces for important programming in our academic, co-curricular and athletic areas. 

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Alumni Giving

Alumni are our greatest example of the impact of a Jesuit education. An alum contribution to our annual giving program not only makes an immediate impact but is also validation of a job well done.

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In-Kind Gifts & Matching Gift Companies & Foundations

The personal donation of goods and services is an important part of our in-kind gift program. 

In addition, gifts from our corporate matching program and foundation grants provide critical monies for our annual operating budget.

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Tribute Gifts

During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, gifts were made in honor or in memory of the following members of the Seattle Prep community.

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The long-term support generated by an endowment is key to providing stability and opportunities for Prep. It is an investment in the future of the school.



Support Matters


AP exams taken by Prep students


First time a parent/student pair is inducted into Prep Athletic Hall of Fame


Thank you notes sent by Prep's development office


Students participate in leadership positions annually


Age of oldest Prep donor


Age of youngest Prep donor


Number of states/territories where Prep alumni reside


Number of distinct college and universities the Class of 2020 is attending this fall


Of seniors simultaneously enrolled in either two math classes or two science classes



Numbers reflected in the financial information section, below, are for the year ending 06/30/20 and are based on unaudited figures.


  • Tuition & Fees $17,133,266
  • Annual Appeal $1,481,439.50
  • Other $1,260,784.19
  • SPREE $419,915.29
  • Endowment Release $921,000
Total Revenue: $21,216,404.98
  • Salaries & Benefits $12,510,932.93
  • Tuition Assistance $2,548,099.57
  • Plant/Security/Maintenance $1,540,331.40
  • Academics/Student Life $1,209,148.68
  • Administration/Development $992,290.08
  • Campus Design $1,692,261.71
  • Capital Expenditures $723,340.61
Total Expenses: $21,216,404.98


What you do has far greater impact than what you say.
be a HERO!