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It's a Manger in There
What Wisdom and Learning Cannot See
The Face of God
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Steps of Bravery: Walking into Darkness
Do All With Love
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Jesus Goes to All Lengths to Find Us
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God's Great Kindness: A Source of Freedom
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Asleep in Your Friendship
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Choose Love
Proceeding with Faith
Dance for Joy
The Gift of Letting Go
Where is My Trust in the Holy Spirit
But We Hear This Every Year
Love Bravely
By Kent Hickey

Week 1, Welcome
Saturday, December 1

This is the 12th edition of the Prep Advent Booklet. We really appreciate the positive feedback we receive about the booklet every year. It has become a simple, quiet addition to the Advent season for many in our community, with perhaps its best characteristic being that it’s a gentle invitation. No need to add to shopping or holiday planning “to do” lists; no need to stress over this booklet as an obligation.

Since this is a no pressure, low anxiety invitation, feel free to experience the Advent booklet as you see fit. One possible way flows from our Ignatian tradition: Read the daily readings and then place yourself in the scene. What’s the smell, sight, sound and feel of the place? What’s happening around you? What do you notice in the scene, and in yourself?

After you’ve reflected on the readings, move on to the reflection for that day. Is there anything that resonated with the author that also resonates with you? How is your take different from the author’s take?

It might take 20 minutes each day to sit with the readings and reflections in this Advent booklet. The investment of your time won’t yield products; to-do list items will not be checked off. Likely all that will emerge in the weeks ahead would be a deeper connection to the meaning of this season, and the peace and mindfulness that comes with that. Perfect. That’s a great gift we give to ourselves, as we await the gift of the Christ who is to come. 

Peace and God’s blessings to you during this sacred time, and always. 


Kent P. Hickey 
Seattle Preparatory School