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Artwork by Marianna Santos-Magee ‘20

Week 1, Day 4
Wednesday, December 5
First Reading: IS 25:6-10A
Responsorial Psalm: PS 23:1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6
Gospel:  MT 15:29-37

This past October, I had the privilege of working as a Kairos retreat mentor for a senior student. Within the first few minutes of listening to his prepared talk, I reacted unexpectedly with goosebumps all over my arms.  His words were raw, his message clear and profound.  The loss of his best friend’s mother awoke in him a sense of purpose and redefined his vision of leadership, friendship, and family. Here was a young leader in our community sharing wisdom beyond his years. He sprinkled in multiple stories with vivid detail, both descriptions of the scenes themselves and his emotions. My goosebumps came and went with each image he was conjuring for me.

My visceral reaction is a wonderful reminder to me of just how powerful images can be. What I continue to picture now, weeks after working with this senior, is Jesus with outstretched arms.  This reminds me of when I speak to prospective families about what makes Seattle Prep unique, I often share our call to see the face of God in our students. My goosebumps were in many ways due to this living mission moment I experienced as a talk mentor.  

Today’s Gospel story where Jesus feeds the hungry masses, with just seven loaves and a few fish, offers many similarities to the journey my senior leader shared.  I see pain, yet resilience as well. I can picture failure and ultimately success.  Images of fear are paired with hope. The space between these emotions is perhaps where we live most, the muddy middle, where we are part of the hungry masses and become a fed believer. This is the place where followers can become leaders and the concept of enough can become the magis. Jesus provides so that we can do, and be, more. My senior
Kairos leader leaned on his faith to move out
of the middle.

Where did you see the face of God today? 

Brian Meza `92 is a member of the Science Department and serves as the Director of the Alumni Service Corps at Seattle Prep. He and his wife, Alicia (Collora) `93, are parents to Noah (13) and Balin (11).