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Proceeding with Faith

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Proceeding with Faith
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Week 3, Day 4
Wednesday, December 19
First Reading: JGS 13:2-7, 24-25A
Responsorial Psalm: PS 71:3-4A, 5-6AB, 16-17
Gospel: LK 1:5-25

In the Gospel of Luke, when the angel Gabriel was sent by God to inform Zechariah that his elderly, barren wife would bear a child, Zechariah responded (predictably) in disbelief. He asked Gabriel for proof – “How shall I know this?” - And then, Zechariah continued with his ministry as usual. He did not proceed as though the Lord had blessed him with a child.  He did not engage in a fantastic and immediate celebration, which would have been appropriate, especially given the couple’s situation.

Zechariah’s disbelief is easy to understand. When all signs are pointing to something not going our way, and have been for a long time, it’s hard to believe good news when it does come to us. Often, we have already given up – so much so that we discredit anything that otherwise would have given us hope. 

Just before my sophomore year at Prep began, a lack of open communication between myself and my two best friends resulted in a major falling out. My closest friendships were abruptly terminated.  I was essentially excommunicated from the small community of like-minded gals who were, I thought, the only best friends I would ever have while I was at Seattle Prep. This felt like the end of the world to me, and since everyone’s behavior in the weeks afterward indicated that the rupture was permanent, I proceeded with my sophomore year as if it were.

Like Zechariah, I doubted that things could turn around, even when my own kind of angel told me to trust that those relationships could someday be repaired. A faculty member from the Counseling Department, who had overheard other sophomore girls talking about the situation popped her head into my geometry class and invited me to talk with her in her office. I didn’t believe her when she said that those relationships could be healed, but she asked me to proceed with the faith that they could - and allow her to set up a group meeting. That week she created a space for my friends and I to meet, at which time she gave us the communication tools to open a dialogue about what happened. It turned out that with her help, after a while, she was right.  To this day, I’m truly glad I listened. 

Proceed with faith today, Seattle Prep. 

Emma Johnson`14 is a member of the Alumni Service Corp working in Development, Admissions, the Learning Resource Center, and Collegio at Seattle Prep.