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My Annual Binge
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Love Bravely
Artwork by Maya Warnock ‘20

Week 2, Day 4
Wednesday, December 12
First Reading: ZEC 2:14-17 OR
RV 11:19A; 12:1-6A, 10AB
Responsorial Psalm: JUDITH 13:18BCDE, 19
Gospel: LK 1:26-38

When the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe rolls around each year, I bury myself in articles and YouTube videos analyzing St. Juan Diego’s forever famous cloak displaying Our Lady of Guadalupe. Well, that time of the year has arrived! 

While I am almost finished with my annual binge on all things related to Our Lady of Guadalupe, I find myself quietly asking whether I would feel the same way about God, and my belief in God, if this symbolic cloak did not exist. The question provokes tension and I find myself reflecting and re-evaluating my faith journey. I realize that while my belief in God would remain, it might not have reached its present depth without that tangible token.  The Cloak represents a true and living miracle of God’s work. Because the cloak exists, my faith is refreshed as I continuously seek ways to see God more clearly.

I hope wherever you are in your faith life, you are open to searching and to hitting the refresh button.  You might see and experience God in a way you never have before. Continue to yearn for more God in your life. Hold symbols that create tension close and lean into that tension. Then, maybe, you too will find yourself on an annual binge. Perhaps you will find faith in a cloak made of material that was supposed to disintegrate into ashes thousands of years ago, but is still in perfect condition! Uh oh, maybe I am not even close to being done with this binge… 

Caroline Cacabelos `14 is a member of the Alumni Service Corp working in Community Ministry and coaching the JVC Girls Basketball and Volleyball teams at Seattle Prep.