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Dance for Joy

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Dance for Joy
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Love Bravely
Artwork by Catherine Collins ‘20

Week 3, Day 6
Friday, December 21
First Reading: SG 2:8-14 OR ZEP 3:14-18A
Responsorial Psalm: PS 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21
Gospel: LK 1:39-45

God’s love for us is said to be exemplified in his sending his Son as our Savior. If that is the case, there is a cherry on top of this Sundae of Love.  God wants us to have great JOY in the Savior coming, being present and saving us from sin and death. The readings for this day are filled with exhortations to be JOYFUL. The scriptures say we are to sing, to leap, to dance, because God has removed judgement from us through the coming of Jesus. Upon close proximity to the Messiah, the infant that would be the Harbinger of the Savior, John the Baptist leapt with joy while still in Elizabeth’s womb. He felt this joy despite the price he would ultimately pay for urging the great men of his time to repent.  

Nevertheless, the greatness of God’s Love is so expansive that in these readings the price of that salvation is not mentioned; the rejection by the very people who are the receptors of the promises and prophesies. This rejection leads to the suffering and death of the sent Savior as the final blood sacrifice to remove the judgement against us.  However, we are to be JOYFUL, to DANCE. That is LOVE. That is Love to be joyful about, to leap, to dance, to sing.  It is the least that we can do to show our faith and gratitude to our God and Savior.  

Russell L. Crusott `66 recently retired from his work as a Staff Attorney for the Department of Public Advocacy Elizabethtown Trial Office in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. He and his late wife, Tangie, are parents of Colin and Claire.