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Advent 2018

Welcome to Seattle Prep's first online version of the Advent Booklet (in its 12th year of publication). Click on each day of Advent, below, for a daily reading and reflection. Peace and God's blessings to you during this sacred time, and always.

Love Builds Up
It's a Manger in There
What Wisdom and Learning Cannot See
The Face of God
Sing This Song
An Advent Question
Steps of Bravery: Walking into Darkness
Do All With Love
Teachable Moments
Jesus Goes to All Lengths to Find Us
My Annual Binge
God's Great Kindness: A Source of Freedom
"To What Shall I Compare This Generation?"
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Dec 17
Dec 18
Dec 19
Dec 20
Dec 21
Dec 22
Dec 23
Dec 24
Dec 25