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Prep students are geographically diverse, living in more than 64 zip codes and coming from over 100 middle schools.

With our commitment to the various Seattle area communities we offer two viable transportation options for students to get to Seattle Prep: the SP Shuttle and the SP Carpool.

Learn more below. Check out the shuttle map to track our routes.  


Seattle Prep Shuttle

The morning shuttle is a safe and convenient way to get to school every morning. Seattle Prep offers four morning bus routes (north, south, east & west) with eleven bus stops beginning the first full day of classes.

Check the schedule below to see if there is a stop near you!

Email or call 206-577-2138 if you have any questions.

shuttle information

SP Carpool

Carpooling is a great way to get to know other Prep students. Carpools are also given priority in our parking garage (another bonus!).* 

Email Teresa Fields if you would like a list of other families in your area.

All students will receive a garage spot carpool application in July from the Dean of Students. Garage spot carpools are assigned in August during Back-to-School registration.

Families are encouraged to network with other Seattle Prep families in their zip code using the Veracross Parent Portal Directory. Click here for instructions on how to navigate this useful feature.



  • North Seattle
  • Eastside
  • West Seattle
  • South Seattle

Mr. Tobin is one of several bus drivers you can count on in the morning!