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Prep Admissions

Transfer Students

Seattle Prep considers transfer applications for 10th and 11th grades on a space available basis. Please contact Ann Alokolaro, Director of Admissions, at for more information.

1. Complete the Application

Online Application-$40 Fee

First Time Users: Submit the Pre-Application

A first time user is someone who has not submitted the Pre-Application form, nor completed any forms for previous applicants (this does not include registration for the HSPT).

If you are a first time user, you must begin the application process by clicking the Pre-Application Form link below. After submitting the Pre-Application, you will receive an email that will give you access to your user account and a link to set up your password. Your user account and password will then give you access to your Admission Portal to begin the online application at your convenience. If you have already completed a Pre-Application Form and/or you already have a username and password, see below for information regarding “Returning Users: Apply Online.”

Pre-Application link

Returning Users: Apply Online

If you have already completed the Pre-Application Form or are a current Seattle Prep parent with a Veracross username and password, you may access the online Admission Portal and online application by clicking the Seattle Prep Admission Portal link below. Then enter your username and password. If you do not remember your username or password, click the “Forgot Password” link inside the Admission Portal. A reset email will be sent to you.

Prep Admission Portal link

Paper Application-$55 Fee

Click HERE to download the paper version of the Seattle Prep Application. Please mail or hand deliver all paper applications and fees to Seattle Prep. The fee for paper applications is $55.


You must forward the Confidential School Report/Transcript Request Form and the Confidential Teacher Evaluation Form to the applicant's present school. Click HERE to download printable versions of the Confidential School Report/Transcript Request Form and the Confidential Teacher Evaluation Form. The student’s school must complete and send these forms to the Seattle Prep Admissions Office along with an official transcript (most recent standardized test results and grades from at least the past two years). You may want to follow up with the applicant's school to ensure that the forms and transcripts have been sent. The Admissions Committee cannot consider incomplete applications.


Transfer applicants are not required to take the placement exam. We do require that you send results of any standardized testing from the past two years. If you do not have any recent standardized testing, please call the admissions office at 206-577-2146 for more information.


Visit the Tuition & Tuition Assistance Scholarships page or contact Sue Dmitriev in the Accounting Office (206) 324-0400, ext. 2138 for an application and information about the process.


Applicants could be informed of an opening as early as the middle of April or as late as the first day of school in late August, depending on space availability. Accepted applicants will be notified by phone, so be sure to update the admissions office with contact information if you plan to be out of town for an extended time over the summer.