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One-to-One Learning

Seattle Preparatory School provides a technology-rich environment that supports collaborative partnerships, enriches teaching and learning, and encourages meaningful experiences for members of our community. Through the appropriate use of technology, students are engaged in their learning process, become independent problem solvers and participate ethically and safely as digital citizens of the world. Seattle Prep has established a one-to-one environment in which each student has his/her own device.

Our 1:1 learning program puts technology in the hands of our students to enrich their academic experience. Teachers are continually trained on best practices to integrate technology in their classrooms, meet the needs of diverse learners, and create a student-centered learning environment. 


Microsoft Surface Pro

Seattle Prep has selected the Microsoft Surface Pro as its required 2-in-1 (laptop-tablet hybrid) device for members of all of our grade levels. Members of the Class of 2028 will receive the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 in August 2024.

After conducting a great deal of research on the best purchase and distribution method of the Microsoft Surface Pro, we have determined that a bulk purchase by the school has many benefits, including significant savings for families. This also allows us to equip every machine with necessary applications and software for the upcoming year and offer savings on the retail cost of purchasing hardware, software, and warranty separately. This will include an integrated type cover keyboard, stylus, software, and accidental damage protection.

Student enrollment/re-enrollment contracts will provide an option for families to purchase the device in one payment or to divide the cost over ten payments using our FACTS tuition management system. Those with demonstrated financial need will receive assistance on this purchase.