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Regina Melonson Learning Resource Center

Prep gave me the foundation to advocate for myself and that has made all the difference." 
- Agnes Davila ’21


Regina Melonson, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP

Hired at Seattle Prep as a science teacher, Regina founded the Learning Resource Center program in 1994 as a way to provide additional academic support to students with diagnosed learning difficulties. In 2022 Regina retired from Seattle Prep after a 28-year career dedicated to Jesuit education. 

The Learning Resource Center currently supports over 100 students at Seattle Prep.


L to R: Venica Allen-Johnson, Natalie Wong '14, Anne Balicki

L to R: Venica Allen-Johnson, Jon Humphrie '09, Anne Balicki

The primary goal of the LRC is to collaborate with students at the center of their learning, teaming with faculty and parents or guardians, and ensuring that every student can achieve Seattle Prep's mission of Ignatian ideals."  

Anne Balicki

Teacher & Services Coordinator
Venicia Allen-Johnson

LRC Testing Coordinator
Jon Humphrie ’09



As a Catholic, Jesuit, institution, Seattle Preparatory School is deeply committed to creating a supportive, inclusive academic environment. The LRC seeks to ensure that our students have full and equal access to our educational and co-curricular programs. We do so by providing services and accommodations for neurodiverse learners.

Program Philosophy

The LRC is committed to providing those services that allow students to oversee their own learning. Therefore services are provided only to those students that acknowledge the need for support and actively seek it out. The services provided are those that can be implemented within the existing schedule and curriculum of Seattle Prep.