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Learning Resource Center


As a Catholic, Jesuit, institution, Seattle Preparatory School is deeply committed to creating a supportive, inclusive academic environment. The LRC seeks to ensure that our students have full and equal access to our educational and co-curricular programs. We do so by providing services and accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences.

Program Philosophy

The LRC is committed to providing those services that allow students to be in charge of their own learning. Therefore services are provided only to those students that acknowledge the need for support and actively seek it out. The services provided are those that can be implemented within the existing schedule and curriculum of Seattle Prep.

Enrollment Policy

Students with identified learning differences or physical impairments that affect learning are eligible to enroll in the program. While enrollment is optional, if a student chooses to enroll they are required to:

  1. Provide a diagnostic documentation that identifies the learning difference or physical impairment.
  2. Participate, along with parent/guardian, in the initial intake meeting to formalize an Accommodation plan.
  3. Approve the dissemination of the Accommodation Plan to teachers and counselors.
  4. Approve the notification to teachers of preferential seating requirements (if applicable).
  5. Complete an online orientation assignment within 1 week of enrollment to learn more about LRC services.
  6. Complete a self-advocacy assignment within 1 month of enrollment to ensure that you and your teachers understand your learning needs.

Basic Services Provided to All Enrolled Students

  • Accommodation plan disseminated to teachers each semester
  • LRC services accessed via the Learning Management System
  • Loaner Library: laptop computers, calculators, texts and novels, audiobooks
  • Peer Notes for Collegio classes and others by request
  • Study Location 7:30am – 3:30pm

Basic Services Provided Per Diagnostic Report

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Standardized Testing Accommodations
  • Access to Computer/Word processing for exams
  • Preferential Seating

Services Provided By Request

Skills Development
Specialized skills units created to address specific areas.

  • Useful Apps: Students review apps used for a wide variety of study skills such as time management and keeping track of assignments and functional modalities such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text.
  • Test-Success: Focuses on memory-building, time management, stress reduction and organizational strategies. Students will come to understand that it takes a successful system to achieve their academic goals.
  • Note Taking: Gives students strategies to effectively take notes for their learning style, practice matching note-taking style to how information is relayed (a class lecture vs. a textbook vs. a novel), and connect student’s learning style to the way in which they create and organize notes.
  • Writing Workshop: Supports students with essay writing. Students are encouraged to bring in papers they are currently on. One-on-one support is provided.
  • Self Advocacy: Students are trained to understand their unique learning diagnosis, explain it in their own words and discuss with teachers. Training requires a minimum of two window periods.

Homework Management
Students have access to a daily 20-minute check-in after school with LRC staff to assist them with the identification, prioritization and scheduling of homework. Time is also used to confirm that all the necessary materials needed to complete assigned homework are taken home. Students are invited to stay to work on assignments until 4:30pm.

One-on-one academic tutoring support provided.

  • Tutoring with a Teacher: Students can meet with an LRC teacher during study hall, window periods or after school until 4:30pm to receive tutoring support by appointment.
  • Peer 2 Peer Tutoring: Tutoring services provided by academically talented Seattle Prep students who are matched up with students in need. Tutoring is available at lunch, window period, and after school. These are adult-supervised tutoring sessions.
  • Private Tutoring provided on-campus: The LRC provides space for students to meet with tutors from private tutoring agencies when families have contracted with the agency for tutoring support. Available until 4:30pm daily.

Comprehensive educational-psychological evaluations or re-evaluations may be scheduled and conducted in-house to identify the learning needs of individual students. Determinations for in-house evaluations are made by the Director. This is a fee-based service. Referrals to outside providers are also available.

Meet the director of the lrc

Regina Melonson, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP

Hired at Seattle Prep as a science teacher, I founded the Learning Resource Center program in 1994 as a way to provide additional academic support to students with diagnosed learning difficulties. I hold a BA in Biochemistry from the University of Washington, a M.Ed., in Curriculum and Instruction with an endorsement in Special Education, and an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology both from Seattle University. As Director and School Psychologist I oversee the work of the LRC and specialize in the assessment of learning disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), educational consulting, and academic intervention planning and implementation for both school and home settings. The LRC staff utilizes a strengths-based, compassionate and positive approach to find clarity and bring effective solutions to aid students and their families.