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Collegio is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course and is a required part of the freshman, sophomore, and junior curriculum at Seattle Prep. Collegio courses are year-long and meet daily for 85 minutes. Students in Freshman and Sophomore Collegio receive a year of English credit, a year of Social Studies credit, and a semester of Theology credit. Junior Collegio includes a year of English and a year of Social Studies.

Seattle Prep’s Collegio program rests on the premise that intensive, interdisciplinary study of the humanities will enrich students’ lives and help prepare them for the challenges of adulthood. In Collegio, students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world by studying history and literature concurrently. As they become familiar with the values and traditions of Jesuit education, they will see the roles that people of faith have played in a variety of cultures. The course strengthens academic and personal skills by focusing on reading, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.

Collegio Faculty


Model UN

Model UN is a defining experience of the sophomore curriculum. An exploration into world politics, this project culminates in a 2-day simulation that highlights skill set in the areas of research, writing, debate, and presentation.

The How & Why of It

In the Jesuit tradition, all levels of Collegio focus on the student and his/her formation as a leader who is intellectually competent, spiritually alive, open to growth, loving, and committed to justice. We seek to help students become "men and women for others."