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The arts classes at Seattle Prep create and enable aesthetic perception and experiences through preparation, performance and hands-on creativity. The classes are taught by practicing artists to provide an enriching experience. Through the appreciation and analysis of masterworks, through familiarity with the languages of art, through dialogue and reflection, and through the creation of musical, visual and dramatic pieces, the arts come alive at Prep.
The arts provide tools with which students can perceive music, drama, filmmaking and visual art in terms of beauty. The aesthetic response to art is valuable, as it brings vividness and breadth to experience, and sharpens a student’s grasp of culture. More subtly, the value of aesthetics is that it teaches students how to receive what is presented to them as a gift.


Each freshman rotates through a set sequence of four art classes throughout the year. After freshman year, each sophomore and junior is required to take one semester of an arts class each year. Seniors may continue their pursuit of the arts through various electives. See classes below.

Fine Arts Faculty

Department Chair

Melissa Dold teaches visual art classes including Freshman Art, Drawing, Printmaking, and AP Studio Art. She is married to fellow artist Kyle Cook, and they have two daughters, Harper and Calla. Melissa is a practicing artist and received her B.F.A. from the University of Washington, her M.F.A. from Boston University, and her teaching certificate from Pratt Institute in New York.

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Arts Courses

Acting 1

Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of theater, public speaking and the craft of acting. Through a variety of games, activities, scene work and acting projects, students will deepen their performance skills while promoting artistic collaboration.

This class is offered for sophomores and juniors.

Advanced Acting

Students will deepen their understanding of theater and the craft of acting through a variety of projects and performance assignments. They will look at the entire artistic process from writing and directing to acting and performance. . Taking Acting Class or having Performance Experience is recommended, but not required.

This course is offered for juniors and seniors

Advanced Choir

Advanced Choir is a more thorough study of the art of choral singing. Students will sing more complex repertoire, gain a deeper understanding of vocal technique, and grow both as a choral ensemble and as an individual vocalist. There are multiple performances throughout the year, including the Christmas Concert, Benaroya Hall Festival, and Spring Concerts. There will also be opportunities to perform various choir festivals and competitions throughout the state. It is recommended for students to have taken at least one semester of Choir (or Window Choir) before taking Advanced Choir. This course is being offered as a yearlong course, with the option to take just a single semester in the fall.

This course is offered for sophomores, juniors and seniors