Seattle’s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891


Seattle Preparatory School emphasizes not only subject matter but more importantly the process by which one "comes to know". We seek to form students who are life-long critical thinkers, who grow in their understanding of content within a global context rather than fact-finding in isolation, who are called to ask critical questions, and who are ultimately called to act as transformational leaders. Rather than passively receiving information and predefined explanations, students actively engage in the learning process. Teachers actively involve students in the art of learning "how to learn".

Our unique curriculum places an emphasis on collaboration, deep understanding of content, analysis and synthesis, and the ability to apply what is learned in a myriad of challenging situations. At Seattle Prep, reflection and action are key components of the learning experience.

“Seattle Prep taught me how to think, rather than what to think.” – Seattle Prep Alumna


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