Seattle’s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

Guidance Counseling & College Advising

The Counseling Center at Seattle Prep is rooted in our mission that each person is sacred and we are created to serve others in community. The Counseling Center is comprised of Guidance Counselors and College Advisors that work as a team to address the academic, social/emotional and post-high school planning needs of each unique individual in our community. Our team works closely with teachers, parents and administrators but our primary goal is to develop a trusting relationship with the students we serve in order to best advocate for them and support their goals.

Beginning freshman year each student is assigned a Guidance Counselor based on the student’s last name. That Guidance Counselor continues with their assigned students throughout their four years. During the junior year each student will also be assigned a College Advior. This typically begins with an individual meeting with the student and family during the second semester. At that point the College Advisor will work closely with each student during the college process throughout senior year.