Seattleā€™s Jesuit College Prep School Since 1891

The "Grad at Grad"

All Jesuit high schools in the United States seek to form students in the five characteristics of the Graduate at Graduation. Prep is united with other Jesuit schools in our commitment to the Grad at Grad.

I. Open to Growth

As a Catholic school in the Jesuit/Ignatian tradition, Seattle Prep students at the time of graduation have matured as persons-emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, spiritually-to a level that they are able to accept responsibility for their own growth. Ideally, Seattle Prep graduates have begun to reach out in their development, seeking opportunities to expand their minds, imagination, feelings, and religious/spiritual consciousness.

II. Intellectually Competent

By graduation, Seattle Prep students will exhibit a mastery of those academic skills and understandings that are required for success in advanced education. While many of these requirements are subject matter specific, students will also have developed an array of academic skills that cut across disciplines and which go beyond requirements for college entrance. Our students will have begun to see the need for intellectual integrity in their personal quest for religious truth, spiritual experience, and in their response to issues of social justice.

III. Spiritually Alive

By graduation the Seattle Prep student will have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church. The graduate, whether Catholic or of another sacred tradition, will also have examined his or her own religious feelings and beliefs in order to choose a fundamental orientation toward God and to establish a relationship with their religious tradition and/or community.

IV. Loving

By the time of graduation, Seattle Prep students are well on their way to establishing their own identity. Our graduates are also on the threshold of being able to move beyond self-interest or self-centeredness in relationships with significant others. In other words, they are beginning to be able to risk deeper levels of relationship in which they can disclose self and accept the mystery of another person and cherish that person.

V. Committed to Justice

Seattle Prep students at graduation have achieved considerable knowledge of the many needs of local and wider communities and are preparing for the day when they will take a place in these communities as competent, concerned, responsible members. Our graduates have begun to acquire skills and motivation necessary to live as persons for others. Although this quality will have begun by graduation, it will come to full maturity in adulthood.