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Diversity at Prep

Diversity Mission Statement

Seattle Prep embraces diversity as a core characteristic of its Catholic, Jesuit identity. Prep recognizes the sanctity of each individual as one created in God’s image and values the many and varied ways God’s Spirit animates a vibrant, pluralistic Ignatian school culture.

Vision Statement

  • Intentionally and vigorously foster an appreciation of and commitment to a diverse community, one of respect where individual differences are valued.
  • Actively pursue opportunities that create and sustain a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Seamlessly interweave our commitment to diversity within our curricular and co-curricular activities so as to engender a spirit of respect and appreciation for our differences as an inherent good that is vital to our community’s education and culture.
  • Incorporate our commitment to diversity within all policies, practices, decision making and goals.
  • Recognize that the “commitment to justice” articulated in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation includes a commitment to diversity, a commitment that is a shared responsibility for which all members of the community are accountable.


Did You Know?

Prep students come from 64 zip codes and 100 middle schools.

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Deino Scott '74 is a proud Seattle Prep graduate. He attended the University of Washington and earned a BA in English. He followed his mother’s lead and taught over a dozen years in public school before returning to Seattle Preparatory School. He has coached football and track & field at Prep. Track is Deino's athletic passion and he has coached since 1990. It has taken him around the world, including numerous trips to China. In his role as Diversity Director, Deino advocates for a diverse population at Prep, as its mission statement directs, and ensures students are able to fully participate in all that Seattle Preparatory School has to offer. He is proud to have met civil rights icons Ruby Bridges and Bob Zeller, and African American historian Henry Louis Gates.

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Curriculum & Instruction

At Seattle Prep, we value diversity as a pillar of our mission and identity. We aim to create and advocate for an inclusive and equitable academic environment for all of the students we serve.

We strive to live out this mission with these practices:

  • Forming a community of diverse students, faculty, staff, and coaches
  • Engaging in ongoing professional development for faculty and staff related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engaging in challenging curriculum that encourages critical thinking and higher level analysis to make connections across subjects
  • Developing curricula designed to develop and deepen cultural awareness and real-life application, including a robust World Languages program, Collegio economics projects and Model United Nations, and Theology elective courses that explore different religious traditions
  • Employing a variety of instructional and assessment methods to support student learning
  • Providing equal access and opportunities to all students to fully participate in school programming and contribute to the school community regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other identity


Student Programs

Clubs and Affinity Groups
Prep students engage with diversity in the classroom, through student clubs and activities, and in their day-to-day relationships with one another. Student clubs and affinity groups are some of the most common ways students are encouraged to get involved at Prep.
  • Cultural Clubs: Asian Pacific Islanders Club, Black Student Union, and LatinX Club
  • Social Justice Clubs: Global Justice Coalition, Feminist Interest Group, and One Voice
  • Diversity Council: Members of all school affinity groups and clubs come together to make Seattle Prep a better place
As a part of Prep's ongoing efforts to support students of all backgrounds, we strive to develop and strengthen relationships with individuals and groups in the wider community. Last year, Seattle Prep welcomed Northwest gospel legend Pat Wright and Blackfoot author Kevin Kicking Woman to our Martin Luther King assembly. ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jeffery Robinson spoke at our Peace and Justice Week assembly.
Summits and Conferences
Each year Prep students participate in affinity group conferences hosted at different schools in the Jesuits West Province. Recent collaborations include the African-American Student Summit, hosted by the Black Student Union at Seattle Prep, and the Asian American Student Summit, held at Portland's Jesuit High School.



Tuition Assistance
Seattle Prep is committed to providing quality Catholic education that is affordable and accessible to families. To that end, we awarded $2,708,600 in tuition scholarships for the 2019-20 school year. We encourage low and middle-income families to apply for assistance. Find more information about tuition assistance, merit awards, and work grants here
Student Support Fund

Additionally, the Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund provides resources for all students who receive tuition grants to cover the day-to-day costs of a Prep education. This includes support for purchasing ebooks, Microsoft Surfaces, lunch, and shuttle bus transportation to Prep. Learn more about the Kathy Krueger Student Support Fund by clicking here.

Learning Resource Center

Seattle Prep strives to create a supportive, inclusive, and accessible learning environment for all Prep students. The Learning Resource Center seeks to ensure that students have full and equal access to our educational and co-curricular programs. Recognizing the variety of learning differences of our students, the LRC provides services and accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences. Some of the services provided by the LRC include: accommodation plans, testing accommodations, peer notes, preferential seating, and tutoring.