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BE MORE to Give More

You only have one high school experience.

BE MORE to Learn More

You only have one high school experience.

BE MORE to Lead More

You only have one high school experience.

BE MORE to Soar More

You only have one high school experience.

BE MORE to Grow More

You only have one high school experience.

BE MORE to Love More

You only have one high school experience.

Men and Women for Others

Seattle Prep is a Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory school. We embrace the Ignatian ideals that God may be found in all things, that each person is sacred and that we are created to serve others in community. Our mission is to form discerning, transformational leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually alive, open to growth, loving and committed to justice.

Did You Know?

Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth visit Prep in 1925. The Babe addressed Prep students and then hit fly balls from the Adelphia Hall entrance to 10th Avenue.

Our Community

The Prep community is connected by a common mission. Our strength is in our 132-year history, 13 decades of graduates, and 1 purpose—to educate young men and women in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition to go forth and set the world on fire.


See how our Panther community expresses themselves.


Prep alumni are a testament to the value of a Jesuit education. What they return to our school lasts much longer than 4 years.


Parents are the greatest partners in our educational mission. It is through their commitment that we continue to thrive.


The people who give life to our mission.

Our Stories

A Friendship of Firsts

When Alex Tuminello ’19 and Andreana Margaritis ’19 first got to Prep they never imagined rowing. "We knew nothing about crew, regattas, or boats for that matter," says Alex But a trip to nationals during their sophomore year sold them on the sport and they made a commitment to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the sport. They never looked back.

Unexpected Movement

An unorthodox, inventive musical, Hamilton turns history on its head and in doing so propels itself into the annals of legendary broadway shows. But if Hamilton is the headliner, Marc delaCruz ’97 is the subtext, proving things aren't always what they seem.

A Divine Commission

Five miles west of the Nile River the red-hued desert gives way to the Great Pyramids of Giza—the lone ancient wonder still in existence. And, where Paul Mullally ’66 unknowingly began his 40-year journey to the Vatican.

All Trails Lead Somewhere

If you went to summer camp as a kid, you can probably still remember your favorite counselor and a cheeky campfire song or two. Anne Kramer remembers the call of the mountains. 

The Taste of Dirt

After years of traveling to esteemed wine destinations around the world, Prep teacher and counselor Jim Johnston decided to try his hand at winemaking. It was after an accidental meeting with Kerloo Cellars’ winemaker, Ryan Crane, that a romantic possibility became a reality.

Young at Heart

Prep teacher Andy McCarthy was well into his sabbatical year when the pandemic forced him to change his travel plans and head back to Seattle. Faced with a long quarantine Andy made a spontaneous decision.

A Woman for Others

Sometimes your life only makes sense when you look at it in the rear-view mirror. Jen Davis Wickens ’96, the CEO of Impact Schools, now sees her life mission clearly, as she leads the effort of creating a successful network of public charter schools in Washington State.

Did You Know?

Cura Personalis (latin for care for the person) is a Jesuit value and that means it's a Prep value.

Distinctively Prep

Leadership. Collegio. Social Justice. These are just three of the areas you will see and experience as unique at Seattle Prep.


Our tradition of Jesuit education offers important lessons about how ethical leaders can meet the challenges of the day. With a focus on servant leadership and forming men and women for others, Prep prioritizes reflection and analysis as tools of discernment.


This signature program rests on the premise that intensive, interdisciplinary study of the humanities challenges students to grapple with ideas, not fact memorization, and emphasizes building connections between concepts instead of merely assimilating information.

Social Justice

The Jesuit ordained Pope Francis says, "an authentic faith always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it." 

Panther Spirit

Cura Personalis

(latin for care for the person)