Seattle Preparatory School is an independent Catholic Jesuit secondary school governed by a Board of Trustees comprised mostly of lay persons. It depends on tuition, fundraising, and its own resource management for its financial operation and viability. It receives no regular funding from the state or Church.

While every effort is made to keep tuition costs at a reasonable level, tuition is subject to increase each year. The tuition for the 2015-2016 school year  is $17,300. In addition, a $600 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of spring registration. Tuition may be paid in one payment or in ten installments.

Students must purchase an iPad at the start of their freshman year and  their own books and/or ebooks each year.  There is also an annual activity fee of $250.

Tuition Scholarships *

Seattle Prep is committed to providing quality Catholic education that is affordable to families.  To that end, we awarded $1,674,000 in tuition scholarships for the 2015-16 school year.  We encourage low and middle income families to apply for assistance.   For all application instructions and deadlines, click on the link at the bottom of this page. 

Factors considered in this application process include income, assets, non-mortgage debt and number of children in tuition charging schools.  In addition to need based factors, we also consider merit based factors such as academic record, a demonstrated commitment to excellence in service, leadership or the arts and the family’s commitment to Catholic education.

Below are five examples of current Prep students and their awards.  As there are many qualitative and quantitative factors at play in each scenario, awards may vary, even given similar financial profiles, depending on the relative merits of the students and funds available.

Seattle Preparatory School’s policy for determining assistance is based upon the belief that all those ethically and/or legally responsible for a child’s upbringing must participate in the process.  This principle applies to all parents, including those who are separated or divorced.  Because of this, Seattle Prep requires parents to submit a tuition scholarship application and the corresponding backup before their child’s file can be considered for assistance.  In the case of separation or divorce, each parent should submit their backup documentation and application separately.  Once all files are complete, they will be evaluated to determine an “ability to pay” per family.  It is the parents’ responsibility to determine the amount each parent will contribute to tuition.  Non-working parents may have minimum wage imputed if all children in the home are school aged.

New applicants are notified as to the amount of assistance received at the time of acceptance to Seattle Prep. Currently, 26% of all students at Prep receive tuition scholarships.

Assistance Categories

Assistance is distributed in the form of direct tuition grants and/or work grants. Work grants enable students to defray the cost of their tuition by satisfactorily completing a job assignment after school at Seattle Prep, usually from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. on school days. Students are paid $15-$20 per hour depending on the task.  Work grants are usually $1,000 grants and reimbursement checks are sent directly to parents on a quarterly basis.  For work grant guidelines for the 2015-16 school year, click here. 

Each year Seattle Prep awards a small number of St. Ignatius and Honors-at-Entrance Scholarships to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, spirituality, and/or service in middle school. There is no separate application for these awards and students are notified of the award in their acceptance letter.

*Seattle Prep does not award athletic scholarships.

Applying for Tuition Scholarships

Click here for complete step by step instructions.

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