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2014 Schedules:  Varsity | JV | Frosh
2014 Rosters: Varsity | Frosh
Team Pictures: Varsity | Freshman

Varsity Head Coach:

Garrett Cook

Assistant Coaches:  Mark Cross, Dan DeLong, Louis Newsom, Chip Daly, Lonnie Watson, Broderick Hutchins & Jared Livingston

Strength Coach- Mike Durand

Head Trainer- Kirk McAnlis

Frosh Head Coach:  Max Engel '96

Frosh Coaches:  Scott Tamfer '96, Matt Burks, James Rudolf '96, Nate Thramer '07, Kevin Neuzil '10, Paul Sauvage '09, Jim Killeen '12

& Charlie Brennan '13


2014 Fall Calendar:

Fall Two A Days for Varsity

The schedule has been set for the upcoming fall camp. We will have a series of two a days and the annual Blue and White game on Ohno Field at Montlake. The schedule is as follows:

8/19 (Non Football Day)- 2:30pm- Roll Call

     3:00pm- Team Pictures

     4:00pm- Team Builder   

     6:00pm- Finish at School

8/20 (Two A Day)- 12:30pm- 5:30pm- Practice

8/21 (Two A Day)- 12:30pm to 5:30pm- Practice

8/22 (Two A Day)- 12:30pm to 5:30pm- Practice

8/23 (Two A Day) 11am to 4pm- Practice

All Two A Days will have a two hour practice with a one hour cool down period followed by another two hour practice. The players are encouraged to have a snack with them if they like. They may also cool down in the lake. Towel and swim trunks are encouraged.

8/25 (Start of standard practice schedule)- 2:40pm
roll call practice from 3:15pm to 5:30pm.

8/30 ( Blue and White game day) 10am roll call.
11:15am kickoff at Montlake



Our Mission:
To integrate Seattle Prep Football with the greater mission of the school and the Jesuit tradition with a particular focus on humble leadership.

Our Values:
Healthy Bodies, Creative Minds, Passionate Attitudes, Ethical Spirits, Compassionate Souls

Our Philosophy:
Click here for Seattle Prep Football's TEAM philosophy.







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